Chapter 5. Continuous Integration

This chapter describes details about the continuos integration we use at the PerfCake project. The target audience are core developers with appropriate access rights.

As the Continuous Integration system we use Jenkins hosted for free by CloudBees ( The free conditions require us to log in to their system at least once every two weeks which we sometimes forget and it gets hibernated. This can explain why you might not find it running.

We have several important jobs that are typically triggered nightly when there is an update to the Git repositories. PerfCake-master and PerfCake-devel jobs build, test, and create artifacts for the master and devel branches in the source code. PerfCake-Documentation and PerfCake-Documentation-Devel jobs build documentation for the released and for master branch in Git.

Currently, the tests consume more than 64MB of memory and are required to run on large slave instances.