3.2. Performance Engineering

This is another book that is currently a work in progress. It will teach you everything a succesful software engineer needs to know about performance testing from experts in the field.

The book will be be published on ??? and we will keep this documentation up-to-date with its current state. This time, the book won't be free but not very expensive either.

In this book we examine many possible aspects of performance testing and figure out the best approaches to handle challenges along the way. We always analyze the problems, think about possible solutions and figure out the best within the given constraints.

In the first part of the book, we go through the theory of performance testing and we define useful terms. Next, we will discuss what is important in performance testing, what to take care of, and how to best handle performance testing. Running real experiments is covered in the third part. In the last part we will discuss a design of an ideal performance testing tool and demonstrate it on a real implementation of an open-source performance testing framework PerfCake.