2.5. Exit codes

When PerfCake terminates normally, the exit code returned to the operating system is 0 as usual. In some cases and to ease automation, there might be a non zero return code depending on the situation. In the following table you can find the codes and their root causes.[4]

Exit CodeRoot Cause
1No scenario was specified on the command line or via the system property.
2Wrong parameters on the command line.
3It was not possible to find, parse or load the scenario.
4There was a general error during execution of the scenario. This can be caused by incorrect or incompatible configuration parameters.
5Some responses to messages did not pass validation.
6There were blocked threads after the test execution that was not possible to terminate cleanly. This can be caused by hanging connections or deadlocks in the application under test.
7There was an error while replaying a provided test record.
8The user requested help/usage information with a command line option and it was printed.

Table 2.5. PerfCake Exit Codes

[4] In Linux systems, you can obtain the exit code from the $? environment property.